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Sailor Moon R Movie
Release Date: 12/05/93 (JP) Production by: Toei
Opening Theme: Moonlight Densetsu Ending Theme: Moon Revenge

The story begins first with Sailor Moon introducing herself and her friends. Then the opening begins and then you know the rest. OK the cartoon starts and then you see little Darien giving a single rose to this alien boy "Fiore." Fiore is delighted by the gift and then tells Darien that he will bring a lot of flowers for him when he returns. Then the screen fades, and you see Darien and Serena. Uh-huh that was one of those flashbacks. Anyhow Serena says all this stuff about the Forget-Me-Not flower, and how it symbolizes love. And so, Darien decides to kiss Serena. But just the gang were all behind a lot of flowers. Rini got very angry because Darien is her "Boyfriend." She wanted to break them up but Darien had already left. So they all decided to hold up a caterpillar to her mouth so she could kiss it (Serena's eyes are currently closed).

Serena opens her eyes and then Serena yells.. "Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!," All that for a bug. Serena gets mad and then searches for Darien. Just then in the garden a shower of flower petals fall to the ground and then a being appears, it was Fiore. "Hi Darien, remember our promise?," Fiore said and then held Dariens hand. Serena said something about Fiore being her boyfriend, but all Fiore did was smack Serena and knocked her down to the ground.

The scouts all gathered for a meeting that night and was talking about a meteor that might strike the Earth. Lita suggested that it looked like a seed. After talking about that they were talking about Darien and how he was able to attract men. While their meeting was going on, a mysterious flower was being planted.

The next day the scouts all went shopping, when all of a sudden Raye felt evil vibes. They run and then they find out that all the people's energy has been sucked dry. The people then stood up and then started attacking. At that time Raye used her Anti-Evil signs. Just when the Sailor Scouts thought that their battle was over, a flower started running towards Rini. But really do you think that the scouts is gonna let the flower do that??? Well of course not! Serena runs to Rini and leaps out so the flower won't get her. Then Raye, Amy, Lita, and Mina all changed into Sailor Scouts. But what's this?? Their power has been sucked dry. Just then Rini was trying to get Sailor Moon (She fainted) to wake up. Rini stuck paper in both nostrils. Serena got very angry because of what Rini did but then realized her friends were in trouble. She changed into Sailor Moon. First she used her tiara to cut up the arms that were sucking her friends power. Then she used her scepter and blew the weed in outer space.

After the flowers defeat Fiore came down and talked to Tuxedo Mask, Uh-huh he's there all right! Fiore kept on telling Tuxedo Mask to dump Sailor Moon and that all she is doing is lying to him. Fiore set out to kill Sailor Moon, just when she was about to die Tuxedo Mask jumps to her rescue but instead taking a hit from Fiore. Fiore is then surprised to find Darien help Sailor Moon and takes him with him.

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts noticed that Fiore had a strange flower in his pocket. They found out that if that power was worn it would give tremendous power and evil. They believe that Fiore's evil was from the flower. They all decide to go search for Darien. They all held hands and then was transported to space where they reached the meteorite where Fiore was living. Darien was there too, though he was in a healing pod helpless.

Flowers started to attack the Sailor Scouts, they all ganged up and defeated them. Then Fiore came out and then more flowers attacked. They all captured the scouts and the only one that was no captured was....... yes Sailor Moon. Then Fiore blabs on will you fight and risk you friends or will you die so that your friends will be in safety. Sailor Moon of course chose not to fight. Then Darien broke out of the pod and then talked to Fiore.

Anyhow, Fiore send his meteorite and plans to send it to Earth. So Serena decides to use the Emperium Silver Crystal. All of the scouts doesn't want her to use it because if she uses it she might die, just like Queen Serenity. But so she uses it, but just then Fiore covers the crystal so she can't use it. But something she said made Fiore's flower shatter and caused him to also stop being in the way of Sailor Moon.

Guess what?? Princess Serenity is now here to save the day. Darien helps Serena generate some power, the scouts, too! They all managed to have the meteorite out of Earth's harm. But it was too great for Princess Serenity who is now lying dead as Sailor Moon. Just then Fiore comes and give Darien a flower that juice gives life. Darien uses the juice and gives it to Serena. And so.... all's well.

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