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Ami-chan no Hatsukoi (Ami's First Love) ~ Special
Release Date: 12/95 (JP) Production by: Toei
Opening Theme: N/A Ending Theme: Rashiku Ikimasho

To not confuse watchers of the North American version. All character names will be of the North American version.

It first begins with Amy in bed. She just awoke and yawns. It's a school day...

The narrator begins and says, "The following story unfolds amidst strange situations, while the girls were frantically studying for their high school entrance exams."

While taking a bath and reading a book she tells all that, "I'm Ami Mizuno. Born September 10, a virgo, blood type A. My hobby is reading. Every morning, I get to school 40 minutes early to read."

Amy finishes her bath and heads for the kitchen, there she says, "I love sandwiches, because I can read while I eat them."

After the kitchen she goes to the door and then walks out, she continues by saying, "My favorite color is blue and swimming is my favorite sport. Math is my best subject. But, one thing I'm not good at receiving is love letters."

She screams!

Afterwards the whole gang gets together. Reeny is also there! Lita asks Amy why she has a problem to love letters. Amy replies by saying that she has strange reactions to them. After more conversation Amy laughs and then sayd that the only thing they should worry about it studying. She also says that in her dictionary there is no word 'love.' (How harsh!)

Amy now takes out a magazine. It shows all the scores for practice exams for High Schools (I think...). Amy is under the name Mercury. Amy is suprisingly tied number one with someone named Mercurius. Amy thinks it might be an enemy. The scouts think otherwise.

At school she thinks about Mercurius. She feels that if she she takes more practice exams and goes to more study seminars, she might meet Mercurius. As she thinks about these things Amy says out loud, "I've never felt this passionate before....It's so thrilling to have a rival!" She then says with more determination (And in public again!), "All right then! I won't back down from this!!!" She spins around and poses, everyone looks at Amy with blank stares leaving Amy embarrased.

Back at Rayes shrine, we are surrounded by books. It seems that Mercurius has tied with Amy again. Her determination to meet Mercurius has everyone believe that she really likes Mercurius. She quickly denies it and reminds them that he is her rival. Both Serena and Raye ask Amy how did she know it was a he?

At the game center all the girls were wondering how to get Amy to meet Mercurius. Thus Serena decides to ask Melvin. Of course Melvin knew who Mercurious was! Meanwhile, Amy goes to "Number One Tutorial Seminar" and prepares to study hard. Guess not, because Amy actually fell asleep! Two red eyes glow from outside the window, and follow her.

The next day Amy gets extremely sick. It appears that last night "Red Eyes" person was supposidly Mercurius. So Amy asks Mercurius, "Mercurius, why are you doing this to me?!" she dizzily asks. Mercurius or "Bonnone" throws love letters at Amy which pins her to the bed. Then all the equations that Amy had learned had left her head.

Serena gets to Amy's house but doesn't know if she should tell Amy about Merculus. Right now Amy doesn't know what to do she still assumes that Bonone is Mercurius. Bonnone screams. Amy then transforms into Sailor Mercury and has her own "I will punish" punish you speech she said, "I am the Sailor Senshi of love and exams! Sailor Mercury! Stick your head in some cold water and think about what you've done!" Mercury continues to go on about Mercurius, while Bonnone insists that she is not him! Mercury then attacks Bonnone with her "Mercury Aqua Mirage!" Once again Bonnone repeats that she isn't Mercurius.

Reeny and Darien go to see Amy while Serena is on the floor. Amy exclaims, "I feel so much better! But I sure would have liked to have seen him!"

Back at the Crown Game Center, the gang without Amy all say that they shouldn't tell Amy about Mercurious. It just so happens that Amy was behind them. She sneaks up on the gang and scares both Serena and Lita.

"Then you saw him?" Amy asks, "What was he like?" Mina points to a magazine she was holding (I forgot was she holding it?), "Oh! He looks like the Year's Hottest Star!" So Amy replied "That's how I imagined him! Just like young Einstein!" "But if she finds out he looks just like Umino...." Usagi says. Mercurius actually looks like Melvin with green hair!!

"But why use the name Mercurius?" wonders Lita. Serena then goes to the chalkboard: "Let me explain, his name is Sumi Kurume, sort of like Mercurius backwards."

At the shrine Amy screams "Why!?" Amy says "Why is Mercurius still tieing me when I defeated him." Usagi tries to explain again, but Ami interrupts, "Don't worry, leave him to me!" Then the narrator says "And so, the battle goes on for the high-standard Mercury!" Amy goes up the stairs and then yells, "I'll keep giving it my best!" Then a couple of doves fly away.

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