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For Mp3 files use Winamp. Very little Mp3 files will be available thru this site due to numerous copyright issues.
RealPlayer G2
Currently SMU needs your computer to have a copy of RealPlayer G2 installed in your computer to play live streaming files. RealPlayer 5.0 won't work, there is only G2 support.
American SM Songs
Japanese SM Songs
American SM Midi Files
Japanese SM Midi Files
MP3 Sampling Station

DiC North American Sailor Moon Songs
Sailor Moon DiC Version songs! My favorite would be the all-time popular "My Only Love." Of course the Sailor Moon theme is good too! Check here for lyrics and live-stream broadcasting! RealPlayer G2 required!
Digital Japanese Sailor Moon Songs
Japanese Sailor Moon music. I love Moonlight Densetsu, don't we all!? The original music for the Sailor Moon series! Check here for lyrics and live-stream broadcasting! RealPlayer G2 required!
Currently Under Renovation
American Sailor Moon Midi Files
Midi files are wonderful because they are your favorite songs in small sizes that won't take up too much space in your hard drive. The midi files presented here are from the American dub.
Currently Under Renovation
Japanese Sailor Moon Midi Files
Click above for midi files from the Japanese series.
MP3 Sampling Station
Click above for Sailor Moon MP3 files! Sample some music from the original series and the american dub right here!
Currently Under Renovation

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